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Twestival Bangalore 2013 Uses social media for social good by connecting communities to highlight a greater cause and have a fun event. sponsors Twestival Bangalore!
24 March 2011
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Its time for Twestival again
23 March 2011

                                           Bangalore – Its time for Twestival again.

                 Come join the Fun @ Manchester United Resturant&Bar on March 24th !

       Twestival Bangalore is proud to be associated with Manchester United, Parvaaz & TAAQ


Do you have a penchant for music? If yes, you can’t be missing Twestival Bangalore.

Support a cause while having fun!



We start Twestival Bangalore with Neo Fatal who play Rap and Hip hop. Check Swamy and Karnage at  






Followed by Speaking Shadows, a unique illusion magic show presented by Prahlad Acharya who has been in the business of mesmerising the audience with an extravaganza that is truly magical.


Then to set the stage on fire, we have two fantastic bands TAAQ (Thermal & a Quarter) and Parvaaz. TAAQ have been burning up the stages from Jakarta to Glasgow and come forward with a social initiativDraw the Line PARVAAZ’s sound is a mix of blues, psychedelic rock and urdu lyrics.

And how can we miss our very own mind reader Nakul Shenoy! J Nakul will offer his mind reading and psychic presentations at Twestival Bangalore.

And ofcourse, there is Kingfisher Beer J

So are you ready to rock your Thursday night at Manchester Untied ?

See you there! March 24th, 2011 @ 6:00 PM


Go on an all expense paid trip with RCB team this IPL
23 March 2011

The IPL4 coffee has started brewing long before the World Cup finale, with all the franchises, both the old and the new ones dishing out campaigns to start engaging fans and preparing them for the April 8 opener. And the first one to do so are the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) This year, RCB has gone that extra mile to give its fans an experience like never before. Via a campaign, The Big Break, RCB invites fans to apply online for the chance to tour with the team this IPL (all expenses paid!) and create web-isodes for the new RCB Web TV.

Fans simply need to showcase their talent and prove they can direct / act or create content for the daily web-isodes. 3 winners will win the chance to become the RCB Web TV Crew. Other fans can stay involved by deciding the weekly topics for each webisode. The RCB Web TV, broadcasted on - will give the entire fan club direct access to all Behind the Scenes moments of the teams.

The last day to apply to The Big Break campaign is March 28, 2011. Learn more at

Check out their Video:

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